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This type of residential cleaning is ideal for homes that have been cleaned regularly by the home owner or by a professional cleaning services company. Over time, dust and dirt accumulates and it becomes tougher to remove. If you have never had maid services come to your home but you keep your home relatively clean and you just haven't had the time to clean for a few weeks, this might still be the best fit for you. As a general idea, 2 hours of standard cleaning by 2 maids will cover a 1500 to 2000 square feet home; a 3000 square feet home will need about 3 hours of cleaning by 2 maids. The larger the home the more time the home will need to be completed.


Bedrooms & Common areas:

• Dust/Wipe all furniture.

• Clean mirrors.

• Vacuum & mop all floors.

• Vacuum all carpets.

• Take out trash & recycling.

• Make beds (Change linens if requested).


• Dust/Wipe and polish all counters.

• Dust/Wipe all cabinet faces.

• Wash up to 6 dishes.

• Wash and polish sink.

• Clean inside/outside of microwave.

• Vacuum & mop all floors.

• Take out trash & recycling.


• Dust/Wipe all reachable surfaces.

• Wash & sanitize toilet.

• Scrub, wash and sanitize shower or bathtub.

• Scrub, wash and sanitize sink.

• Dust and wash all counters.

• Polish shower & sink handles

• Dust & wipe all cabinet faces.

• Vacuum and mop all floors.

• Take out trash & recycling.

EXTRAS:(available upon request)

• interior of oven ($20)

• Interior of refrigerator ($30)

• Interior of cabinets (price varies depending on kitchen size and content).

• Interior walls (price varies depending on size and condition).

With all of our cleaning packages you receive our 100% satisfaction guaranteed assurance. If you feel any of the areas covered in this service were not properly cleaned, just notify us within 24 hours and we will dispatch a crew to re clean those areas.

This type of cleaning is the service that will be covered with our Groupon, Amazon Local and Living Social deals. Remember, these special offers carry a time limit and depending on the size and condition of your home, the time may or may not be enough to cover all areas. If you are using one of these special offers, we always recommend pointing out priority and non priority areas.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to call us or text message with us at 713-900-MAID. You may also email us at we will be glad to clear up any questions you may have.

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